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The Hotel Susi was first opened to the visitors on December 1, 1992, having 42 rooms.
On June 13, 1998, additional floors with hotel rooms, restaurant complex, beauty parlour and massage centre were opened. Today, there are 99 rooms in Hotel Susi; our hotel can boast with three stars as of the beginning of 1999.

our mission, vision, values

To be a hospitable and professional hotel that offers accommodation, food&beverage and conference facilities. To make everyone feel welcome at our hotel.
To be a cosy, trustworthy and most preferred hotel for our business partners. To exceed the hopes and expectations of our clients.
* Dedication to our clients – We put our heart and soul into our work. Our client’s needs are the basis for all our work. We can’t always do what the client wants, but we can always try to find a solution that meets our client’s expectations and fits our capabilities best.
* Attentiveness – We are warm-hearted and helpful. Our client’s problems are our problems until we find a solution to them.
* The pursuit of perfection – We admit that we can almost always do better. Each employee can be the best in their field. The more employees with such mindset we have, the better and more professional our company can become.
* Team spirit – All for one and one for all.
* Co-operation and openness – We value trustworthy long-term relationships with our clients and business partners. We value all the feedback we get. All our clients, business partners and employees are equally important to us.
* Caring for the environment – We conduct our work by following environmentally friendly principles, so that the next generations could also enjoy pure nature of Estonia.


Aire Pipenberg
Reservations Manager
Phone: +372 630 3330
Tiivi Viidik
Hotel Manager
Phone: +372 630 3344
Iive Tiidus
Conference Manager
Phone: +372 630 3342
Imbi Lagle
Food & Beverige Manager
Phone: +372 630 3334